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";s:4:"text";s:5466:"I lost my insurance and I am prescribed 60 150mg Effexor XR a month. I stopped the drugs and had 3 months of the worst detox short of opiate withdrawal. And while the amount of capital that drug companies pour When a major pharmaceutical company develops a new drug, it can place multiple characteristics of said drug under patent.

Company number: 09899350 But there are also some perverse market incentives in the drug business that keep prices high, preventing patients from getting the drugs they need - and from not getting the ones they don't. I will end up in a psych ward if I can't get this med! I went to a doc that prescribed a "newer and more effective" antidepressant in combination with an extremely powerful antipsychotic that was used off-label to help me sleep. Yay prescription drugs and all the benefit they bring to others!

so I took a non-narcotic pain med. But why would they do that? Especially when many of these new pharmaceuticals provide little to no measurable improvement over any of their predecessors?Consider the popular antidepressant Celexa.

(Sertraline, Abilify, Trintellix) I couldn't keep taking Trintellix due to extreme nausea, so my doctor suggested Effexor XR. It works by increasing and regulating the levels of two different neurotransmitters — norepinephrine and serotonin — in the brain. effexor xr generic price effexor xr 75 mg price Generic effexor cost $3580 - Pouch, poncho, vest, boots, gloves - Laptop, CD player Cherchez le fermier monde (Paris) is a beautiful vintage fencery that also includes several different models, such as Fennecourto, Fenni, Vignale, Vaux, a little bit of vintage-inspired models that are in black and white. And that these "newer and more effective" antidepressants can have such drastic side effects that it is not even worth it. It takes time for it to be convinced that no more external deliveries will be made, and to ramp production back up. Registered Office Address: 7 Hertford Street, London, W1J 7RH. So it's also why coming off of drugs is so difficult: when the external source/mechanism is cut off, the body has nothing to fill the gap. It may have been caused by the previous meds that I was given to help me sleep.

This "upgrade" from Celexa to Lexapro is a textbook example of something called "evergreening" –- a long-term strategy pharmaceutical companies use to extend the lifetime of a drug (i.e.
Fast forward a couple of years. Effexor (venlafaxine) is good for treating depression and anxiety, but it can cause more withdrawal symptoms if you stop suddenly compared to other antidepressants. Unfortunately, this market, and the many regulations governing it, are currently set up in a way that often discourages the kind of innovation that leads to novel treatments.For all the research that is funded in hopes of discovering new therapeutics, the fact remains that very, very few of the chemical compounds we discover will make it to a clinical trial, and fewer still will make it to a drugstore; But just how expensive is this R&D process?

How about "antisepreddants?"

WTH!!!!! The side effects were: migraines, minor seizures, massive weight gain, liver damage, hyperglycemia, possible Diabetes, restless leg, involuntary kicking while sleeping, and (my favorite) short bursts of sensory overload called "brain zaps". I … When it did, it went from generating Health policy professor David Light agrees with Frank. And while he notes that these economic benefits are largely viewed as a success story, he also says the impact of generic-company competition on so-called "originator companies" (the companies that research, develop, and patent new drugs) cannot be discounted.Manufacturers of both brand-name and generic drugs have responded to the provisions of the Hatch–Waxman Act in ways that advance their own economic interests...some effects that are considered socially undesirable, such as a [brand-name manufacturers'] development of a new formulation of a product to extend patent life, can be seen as one cost that is incurred to collect the very large [economically favorable benefits] of the law.In other words, competition from generic brands has inspired brand-name drug manufacturers to produce new versions of old drugs in the process we mentioned earlier called "evergreening."

Maybe. I think the only difference is in their molecules. Wouldn't it make more sense for these companies to compete in the pharmaceutical market by actually producing innovative drugs that cure conditions we can't treat yet? Ramping down off of Effexor was one of the worst experiences I have had with medication. For twenty years after being granted the patent, companies retain the exclusive rights to producing that drug, and can therefore charge pretty much whatever they want for it.From a financial perspective, having a patent on a drug is one of the most valuable chips in a pharmaceutical company's pocket. Those drugs are used for severe delusions of paranoid schizophrenia, not insomnia. How could a prescription possibly cost so much? It took 2 years to identify that interaction. Here I am over 2 years after my accident still not sleeping, in severe pain everyday even after going through excruciating spinal fusion, and a ticking time bomb of a brain. I tried Pristiq in an attempt to help with menopausal symptoms. I needed pain meds for the ruptured disc in my spine.
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