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HARI SHANKER SHARMA, in Blood-Spinal Cord and Brain Barriers in Health and Disease, 2004. e. ANTIMITOTIC DRUG, VINBLASTINE. Himes RH, Kersey RN, Heller-Bettinger I, Samson FE. Evidence for involvement of microtubules in the action of vasopressin in toad urinary bladder. Plasmodium falciparum protein kinase 5 and the malarial nuclear division cycles. Vinblastine and vincristine are of major value in treating ALL, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and other lymphomas.
Vinblastine-induced autophagocytosis: The effect of disorganization of microfilaments by cytochalasin B. M. Kirsch-Volders, M. Radman, P. Jeggo, L. Verschaeve. At 10 muM, the three alkaloids also interact with preformed microtubules in vitro, causing spiral-like distortions of the microtubules.

All vinca alkaloids are associated with alopecia and are potent vesicants, and extravasation requires immediate attention. COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation. Vinca alkaloids are organic compounds made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen that derive from the periwinkle plant. No effect of the alkaloids on polymerization of another fibrous protein, actin, was observed. Adverse effects of vinblastine include hair loss, loss of white blood cells and blood platelets, gastrointestinal problems, high blood pressure, excessive sweating, depression, muscle cramps, vertigo and headaches.Vinblastine is reported to be an effective component of certain chemotherapy regimens, particularly when used with bleomycin, and methotrexate in VBM chemotherapy for Stage IA or IIA Hodgkin lymphomas. Taxol: an antimitotic agent with a new mechanism of action. Clipboard, Search History, and several other advanced features are temporarily unavailable. 1996 May 28;35(21):6806-14. doi: 10.1021/bi953037i.Anticancer Drugs. Yun-Guang Tong, Xiong-Wen Zhang, Mei-Yu Geng, Jian-Ming Yue, Xian-Liang Xin, Fang Tian, Xu Shen, Lin-Jiang Tong, Mei-Hong Li, Chao Zhang, Wei-Hong Li, Li-Ping Lin, Jian Ding.
X-ray solution scattering studies on vinblastine-induced polymers of microtubule protein: structural characterisation and effects of temperature. B. Biswas, K. Sen, G. Ghosh Choudhury, B. Bhattacharyya. The dose-limiting toxicity of vincristine is neurotoxicity manifesting as peripheral sensory and autonomic neuropathy, including constipation, ileus, paresthesias, neuropathic pain, and it may progress to loss of deep tendon reflexes. This includes Hodgkin's lymphoma, non-small cell lung cancer, bladder cancer, brain cancer, melanoma, and testicular cancer. Acute and protracted effects of vinblastine on odontoblasts and dentinogenesis in rat incisors.

Frederick O. Hains, Ruth M. Dickerson, Leslie Wilson, Richard J. Owellen. Molecular biology of tubulin: Its interaction with drugs and genomic organization.

Other studies indicate that vinblastine sulfate has an effect on cell-energy production required for mitosis and interferes with nucleic acid synthesis. Effects of colchicine, podophyllotoxin, and vinblastine on the alkylation of tubulin. L. Wilson, M.A. INTERACTION OF VINBLASTINE WITH STEADY-STATE MICROTUBULES IN VITRO: MECHANISM OF INHIBITION OF NET TUBULIN ADDITION TO ASSEMBLY ENDS. Himes RH, Kersey RN, Heller-Bettinger I, Samson FE. Imran Masood, Maria H. Kiani, Mahmood Ahmad, Muhammed I. Masood, Hadia Sadaquat.

Margolis, R.H. Himes, L. Wilson.

Wheeler, Lorraine M. Cherry, Tom Downs, T.C. Biochemical and Biophysical Research CommunicationsChapter 22: Membrane Regulators as Potential New Drugs. Comparison of the effect of colchicine and vinblastine on the inhibition of dentinogenesis in rat incisors. Hsu. Your Mendeley pairing has expired. It is this argument that has led others to favor the use of the less aggressive ABVD approach first for patients with advanced HL.In 2011 Viviani and colleagues reported results from a trial directly comparing frontline ABVD with escalated BEACOPP in patients with unfavorable or advanced HL (stage IIB, III, or IV, or IPI score ≥3). Evidence that griseofulvin binds to a microtubule associated protein. The mechanism of action of vinblastine has been related to the inhibition of microtubule formation in the mitotic spindle, resulting in an arrest of dividing cells at the metaphase stage.
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