I only stopped it because I noticed no effects whatsoever, good or bad.Look into Dopa Mucana, Natural way to increase dopamine and has a decent anti depressant effect for me.Ymmv with this. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners. After lifestyle changes have been incorporated, then you can see a clearer picture of what your health issue really is. But don't stop your antidepressant without tapering under doctor careI think so too. I also eat steel-cut oats in A2 milk, green apples and bananas as a snack.I occasionally supplement with Doctor's best magnesium glycinate, Now Foods Vit C crystals, Now Foods Vit D3 1000ug, Jarrow Formulas Vit K2(MK-7), Thorne research zinc picolinate 15mg, Now Foods potassium iodide 150mcg, Jarrow Formulas B-Right whenever feel like it to make sure I get all the commonly deficient nutrients from modern diet.I'd say my proudest moment is when I used to enjoy After dropping out of community college, I couldn't find a job on my own for over 6 months so I eventually got hooked up at where my mom was hired. I then add tomatoes, asparagus, mushroom and onions. I had long been concerned with side effects — especially the “suddenly falling asleep without warning” one. The main problem was nausea — which goes away if you can make it through a week.

Despite never attaining FDA approval for the treatment of depression, many anecdotal reports highlight the efficacy of Provigil as an antidepressant.

Whenever I try to practice driving, I tend to get confused easily, I don't have the mental acuity/executive functioning necessary to stay safe on the road and make quick decisions on the spot.Chronic avoidance from cognitively demanding tasks since I easily become mentally exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed by them.Low mental arousal/attention all day unless I drink coffee. From novel/alternative substances, to established medications. Not fun.I’m pretty sure I have apnea (first test I had said I did, second said I didn’t) and the difference for me energy wise when I’ve had Modafinil (or coffee to a lesser extent) is night and day. Given that bipolar depression is commonly associated with fatigue and somnolence, modafinil is a logical choice. My Doctor prescribed it to me, I took it daily for a few months, and it had the best effect off all the medications.Unfortunately, I can no longer take it due to a rare side effect.Does anyone know of any similar medications or any idea of what to try next which may be similar?I think my depression is related to dopamine, but I am no doctor. My dose was usually 50-100mg only, which seemed to work just great, and combining with one cup of coffee was fine at this level.I felt more like myself, more able to operate my life properly, for instance, sticking to a proper diet was much easier on Modafinil. That's a really good point.

You write very well, your thoughts are organized, you come off as curious and intelligent. I was paying a hefty amount of money to my psychiatrist only for her to worsen my symptoms even more.My current idea is that I'm considering trying either low dose of Edronax or Strattera without the doctor's prescription as a trial. And I only felt the positive effect on my motivation after my psychiatrist increased the dosage to 120mg. Modafinil has active ingredients of modafinil. I usually eat the vegetable soup with boiled eggs, salmon, beef or chicken. What do you do for work and fun ?

Definitely not enough to eliminate my depression and social anxiety, it lifts me up way above my usual lows and makes me more Yes! level 1. Drugs can make things worse.If you're in a bad spot in life, you should pick up meditation as a discipline.When's the last time you went to a checkup/got a haircut/examined your hygiene?These factors will have a bigger impact than any drug as long as they remain un-addressed. The studies revealed substantial increases in mood and decreases in the severity of the symptoms (I'll link these below). It's not quite modafinil and not quite Dex/Vyvanse/Adderall. Indeed, you write more clearly and thoughtfully than most people in my Ivy League PhD program.You write as if "learning to drive" is something that requires substantial willpower. But I declined her suggestion as I didn't feel that was something I needed to be on.Since I wasn't able to try Wellbutrin. And I haven't managed to obtain a driving license yet because I've always put it off for later as I was constantly struggling to motivate myself to learn to drive. I will post about it, stay tuned.The site is legit for Modafinil, but that quantity is much more likely to be subject to seizure by border officials. Most people do not see it that way. My psychologist thinks it was caused by performance anxiety but I highly doubt this since I was very calm and I tried my best with everything. simply just because of withdrawl symptoms? Provigil (Modafinil) is a eugeroic drug that was originally approved in 1998 for the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness associated with narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, and obstructive sleep apnea. Reddit. simply just because of withdrawl symptoms?Can anyone briefly tell me what Deprenyl does? I mostly struggled with subjects that require me to read, understand and write in complex english sentences. modafinil may be an effective treatment in other clinical disorders associated with symptoms of sleepiness and fatigue, including idiopathic hypersom-nia,15 multiple sclerosis (MS),16 and Parkinson’s disease.17-20 Clinical studies indicate that modafinil also exerts bene-ficial effects on mental parameters, such Potential Uses of Modafinil in My Psychiatrist says I have Adult ADHD and depression, which I agree with.SSRIs make me feel absolutely dead inside, apathetic.