It is the best drug I have had for mood stabilization so far.It's good to hear about your lack of side effects, thanks!one of the side effects I was concerned about was double vision or any kind of vision issues.I'm already having trouble with my eyes, possibly because of both topamax and lamictal affecting them, I'm not positive.Was on it for 2 years switched to lithium never looked back.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castA safe haven for bipolar related issues. Sometimes I will take 1800 mg of trileptal in a day, or an extra 80 of Geodon if I'm feeling especially squirrelly.My only side effects of trileptal has been some mild rashes and skin discoloration (looks like a rash on face and neck), dry mouth, and drowsiness. I've gone back to school in the last couple of years and sometimes I can't concentrate at all or comprehend the information I read or hear. I'm on 1,800 mg.Dizziness, nausea and extreme fatigue. As with any medication used for severe mental illness, some people respond well and others don't. Wear your sunscreen. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to need to be prepared to be required to change some of my regular meds at my upcoming dr appt this week after my manic episode that has required some pretty strong drugs to get under control.
I saw a few comments within some other posts about trileptal and would like to hear some personal experiences with this med if possible.

Some people have a good response to one or either of those drugs. Trileptal is used to supplement my other mood stabilizer, Topomax. Trileptal may be used in children who are at least 2 years old, while Oxtellar may be used in children who are age 6 and older. Good luck.Thanks, that's good to hear about the mood stabilization but bad about the memory since I did just sign up for some classes!So you have not had any manic episodes on it but you don't feel like a zombie?

Just a thought.It was so great not to have the lithium tremors any more. Rated for Seizures Report . I found out quickly when I was diagnosed that I can't take antipsychotics after trying risperdol and geodon and having severe reactions. But between that, keeping my appointments with my pdoc, and different types of therapy, I was as good as I had ever been.
It does make you very sleepy. I have had some mania and depression which i've struggled with, but these meds have done GREAT for me keeping down the mania.I was on less trileptal but we upped it in an attempt to help with the depression.I have had some side effects though. It has worked really well, in addition to no alcohol.edit: before I took trileptal I took tegretol which I believe is in the same family and I had similar results with it for the time I took it. I hope that they don't want to take it away.It sounds like this is a med that is worth a shot for me, though!

I was on 160 mg of Geodon and it caused heart palpitations so i had to reduce the dose. Sometimes I will take 1800 mg of trileptal in a day, or an extra 80 of Geodon if I'm feeling especially squirrelly. I have no problems waking up with drug drowsiness (bed 10p-3a & usually up 6-7a) but everyone is different.It made me really sleepy at first, but it went away.

SSRIs trigger mania for me it seems, so no Wellbutrin for me.I was told by my PDOC that the maximum dose for trileptal can be as high as 2400 mg. It never felt like I could get enough but the mood was much better.Beside my other medications I'm on Trazodone as well to help me sleep. Brand names of oxcarbazepine include Trileptal and Oxtellar. Be a part of something that cares about who you are.Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. My side effects were so bad I had to come off of it.I did the opposite.