Sumampouw H, et al. Milligan K, Albritton J. A bladder infection are antidepressants during pregnancy at risk of children. McGregor JA, Bloom BS, Savia E, Common antibiotics prescribed during pregnancy. DuBard MB,
1998 Sexually transmitted diseases treatment guidelines. Antibiotics Might Lower Effectiveness of Birth Control Pill Although bacterial vaginosis has been shown to be an independent risk factor for these complications, many health care professionals still consider bacterial vaginosis more of a nuisance than a genuine fetal-maternal threat. Riduan JM, Jones W, We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information -

Although pregnant women with bacterial vaginosis obviously have an increased risk for pregnancy-related complications, it is unknown whether therapeutic intervention decreases the rate of specific fetal-maternal problems for all pregnant women. Copyright © 1998 by the American Academy of Family Physicians.Copyright © 2020 American Academy of Family Physicians. Whether screening would be cost-effective is controversial,Some limited data are available to help guide clinicians in the selection of antibiotics for bacterial vaginosis in pregnant women.
Paterson E, Seo K. Currently there is no evidence to suggest that metronidazole places a pregnancy at risk at any stage. Published data include more than 5000 pregnant women who used this drug during pregnancy (many during the first trimester); 1 study showed increased risk of cleft lip (with or without cleft palate) in infants exposed in utero, but these findings were not confirmed. Oleen-Burkey MA,

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To see the full article, log in or purchase access.If screening is done, when should it be conducted, second or third trimester?Should all pregnant women be screened, or only women considered to be at increased risk for fetal-maternal complications?How should screening be performed—using simple clinical evaluation and Amsel's criteria, Gram stain, gas-liquid chromatography (GLC) or fibronectin assay?Dr. While these factors bolster screening, many questions regarding screening pregnant women for bacterial vaginosis exist.It appears that infection with bacterial vaginosis in early pregnancy (second trimester) conveys a greater risk for complications than infection with bacterial vaginosis in late pregnancy.While treatment of high-risk pregnant women with bacterial vaginosis reduces the risks for fetal-maternal complications,Screening by Amsel's criteria (three of four findings: pH of more than 4.5, amine odor on adding KOH, presence of clue cells, adherent off-white vaginal discharge) is readily available to all clinicians but is also the least accurate method of diagnosing bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis and preterm birth. Renkonen OV,

McGregor JA, Goldenberg RL, Schorr S, French JI,

Pregnancy Medication List It is recommended that you take NO medication during the first trimester unless medically indicated. Bacterial vaginosis is associated with prematurity and vaginal fluid mucinase and sialidase: results of a controlled trial of topical clindamycin cream. Mathis D, Ferris DG, Litaker MS, 198. Asymptomatic pregnant women with bacterial vaginosis may also benefit from therapy.