My smile eye wrinkles are completely gone when not smiling. The 1/2 ounce tube sells for $13.99 USD. Get advice from experienced physicians in dermatology. The thing to remember is that you’re not going to get quick results. I think a big part of deciding to use a new product is reading other people experiences, and that was one thing I found hard to find online. Next Steps in Derm is a virtual mentor for dermatology residents and young physicians seeking dermatology updates,  advice on practice management and building their careers.

Well, I haven’t had anymore redness that I usually have.I have had a few pimples crop up, but I think that’s mostly the adapalene working. I know that’s it’s main use.There's small studies (like 80 people) that suggest it can help with anti-aging, but definitely not to the extent (like 10,000 people and many years of study) of tretinoinDifferin is mainly for acne I would recommend tretinoin for anti-aging. I'm not even thirty and have gotten deep nasolabial folds.Is adapalene (a retinoid) the same as tretinoin? Anti Aging Collagen Food Differin Vs Tretinoin Anti Aging Reddit. Does Epiduo (adapalene + benzoyl peroxide) or Differin (adapalene) help reduce wrinkles!? That makes it difficult to get a Retin-A prescription. (Prices may vary depending on where you get it.) I hope the retinol will somewhat activate some of those retinoid receptors that the Differin is not acting on.I use differin for both acne and antiaging! ThanksYou can get a prescription from a doctor to use Differin. I have zero wrinkles or lines.

Looks like the Differin 0.1% gel is available at As I mentioned above, I’m starting out using Differin every other night. That's just one reason I'm exploring other options. The active ingredient, adapalene, is a retinol and is related to tretinoin (Retin-A). Deep nasolabial folds may be better treated by fillers or something else - topical creams can only do so much. The main difference is that adapalene is not as harsh on the skin as tretinoin, and apparently works with different receptors in the skin than tretinoin.However, adapalene does still do some of the same things that tretinion can do, like smooth and re-texture the skin. I have been using OTC retinols and retinoids off and on for years. ☹️ Life threw me a few curve balls lately, so I have not been super consistent with my skincare routine over the last couple of months or so. Differin is just no match when it comes to the big peel! Anti Aging Chinese Herb Pho Tee Anti Aging Doctors In Georgia Jennifer Lopez Anti Aging Affordable Is Differin Gel For Anti Aging. Cosmo Best Drugstore Anti Aging Creams For Should Use In Your 20s Luminesce Anti Aging Best Inexpensive Anti Aging Moisturizer 2020. Those seem like good anti-aging benefits to me. In addition to treating acne, retinoids increase collagen production, which reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I’m 32. I want to use Differin for its skin smoothing and re-texturing (a.k.a. Like Like. It never hurts to start with Differin though.I use it for anti-aging but there isn’t good evidence that it helps with wrinkles so I don’t use it alone. Deep nasolabial folds may be better treated by fillers or something else - topical creams can only do so much. And even though I don’t have acne, it is acting to keep my face clearer of occasional breakouts. Differin gel is a prescription product designed to treat acne, but because it contains a topical retinoid, it may help stave off wrinkles as well. Just to be safe, I’m using it every other night to start.I bought mine at my local grocery store. I still get quite oily by midday.I don’t know how this experiment is going to work out, but I will keep you updated. Hi, I’m interested in using differin gel but mainly for the over the counter retinoid anti aging properties- not the acne ones.