food cravings, fat production and cholesterol. So 1 bottle is sufficient for one month, when consumed 2 per day.The bottle has every detail about it. (preferable in weeks).Hello Ramki, all dieters have different weight loss results. Pls sggst me truly what shud i do?shld i buy herballife or not?have tried ayurvedic medicines from patanjali(medohar vati) and himalaya(ayur slim)..weight remains constant, no loss no gain ! Thanks for your advice. So far I do not encounter any constipation problem because I drank a For the first week, I check my weight still So stop wasting your money as well health on these medicines as everything but healthy food and exercise has side effects.What about your opinion on Garcinia Tablets in market?

You exercise n keep eating won’t make you fit! This s first time in my life that m still recovering from this problem and its going to b two weeks as i rarely get fever or any kind of physical illness but these capsules ayurslim.was nightmare for meNice one…But have seen a website which gives reviews about many weightloss products. This means if use of Ayurslim does result in countless negative reactions, dieters will choose to go with a clinically tested product shown to promote weight-loss.There is no actual clinical research presented to back them for weight-loss purposes. Is this reviews correct. After a week, when i checked my weight, I didn’t loose nor gained. taking it after a week . It is a researched ayurvedic herbal product,that can be safely used with no side effects.Ayurslim capsules work in three ways to manage body weight:As instructed I have used 2 pills a day. Green Tea which contains Epigallocatechin gallate helps to induce body heat that speeds up metabolism 2. As you have already spent money you will always be weight conciuos and maybe reduce some weight in a couple of months.Pls help me to loose weight in anyway.Give me any suggestion.hi all , I used himalaya Ayurslim for the first time in July 2006,I have hormon imbalance and I missed my period since December 1999 until June 2006. Only your doctor could adequately advise you in such a specific case; it’s important to ask your doctor before taking any supplement.sir I m using green tea extract since 1 month n from today I m started ayur slim so can I stopped green tea exteac or I can I use bothHi Rishav!

We at have trouble getting behind Ayurslim, because we need to see published science that backs up “This is best capsule for weight loss. No bloating whatsoever. It’s hilarious but true.Was planning to buy this product. This Zero 8 product is made out of that with some extra similar ingredients added like Jeera, Curry leaves, Hing, etc with no additives or preservatives added. Do they really work?I really don’t have faith on weight loosing pills, but tried these as they are purely Herbal/Ayurvedic.Its a small white plastic bottle.

Review: Himalaya AyurSlim . helps. I have lost 4 kg!!. Although i gym daily and follow a diet. I lost 2 kgs in 2 weeks. Thanks for your advice. We DO NOT recommend any such products.The instruction is to have 2 pills TWICE a day! I was wondering there are many pills in market claiming that they will make us lose weight.

taking it after a week . We’ve noticed plenty of negative user reviews posted online for this diet product. A little bit of description, AyurSlim capsules is a traditionally used to reduce body weight. We’ve noticed plenty of negative user reviews posted online for this diet product.

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I didn’t see any side effects. There’s No Place Like Mekdi … that reminiscence so many fond memories. Imagine since december 1999 until June not even one time I got my menses . So far I do not encounter any constipation problem because I drank a lot of water. Well, I think maybe it helps to boost up my metabolism. Its not herbal or ayurvedic but its made with natural ingredients which we use in our kitchen. Please lemme know because I am also desperately trying to loose weight..Oh! I have been taking this AyurSlim for almost coming to 4 weeks. For that you need to exercise and control your diet.Yes you are suppose to use 2 pills twice a day that is 4 pills a day…..maybe thats why you did not get the needed results…..?Hi i m use in himalaya tablet bt no weight loss i m feel bad pls tel me himalaya tablet wn use in food control u tell naWhich is better to loss weight preet.. u know whatup me.. 9885247730True.. as Dee said “Any shortcuts conjunction with a restricted diet and daily dose of workout” will only work..One thing I disagree .. Do you know about Horsegram? pls elaborate!mera 7 year ka baby h .main usse feed karte hu kya main apna weight loss karne ke liye ayurslim use kar skte hu.plz help mecan you pls advise what is your weight loss programWhat is your view on Green coffee beans extract which are being advertised now?

Please lemme know because I am also desperately trying to loose weight..Oh! It is always must to include some physical Final Word, It is not what you eat, it is what how you spend your calories Eat well, Exercise well, spend all calories and stay fit. no side effect and very goodHow long does it take to reduce 15 kgs.