My embryo qualities were poor with regular cycles and were hoping to change this next cycle to improve quality bc im young with no know problems?

Has anyone here ever tried this ivf protocol?

She thinks I may have better egg quality with estrogen patches instead of birth control, and getting rid of the Lupron. The lab stated that my eggs seem to be fair/average quality.
Is it possible I was down regulated too much which affected egg quality? A quality not quantity approach delivers great success rates; Reduced chance of premature and/or low birth weight babies Because there are fewer drugs, there are less side effects and a shorter duration of treatment, meaning the procedure is … If this is successful and an embryo has developed, it is transferred into the uterus in the hope that pregnancy will occur.

Being “too down regulated” doesn’t affect quality, just can cause less eggs to respond and grow and take longer to do it initially.

If anything with this protocol that can affect quality is that the Lupron initially causes your body to release huge amounts of its own FSH and LH in addition to the FSH and LH containing meds...and some say that too much LH in particular too soon in the cycle can negatively affect quality. She thinks I may have better egg quality with estrogen patches instead of birth control, and getting rid of the Lupron. 1997-2020 All rights reserved. It is unacceptable for healthy women having treatment in order to have a baby to end up severely ill or admitted to hospital.’ A group where those trying to conceive by in-vitro fertilization or fertility treatments can support each other through the process.

Read 4 Responses. She thinks either it was just that batch of eggs that cycle, or that it was my protocol. An example of this at CREATE Fertility is Mild IVF: a short protocol IVF cycle that lasts for a duration of 2 weeks, requiring patients to take drugs to stimulate the ovaries for just 5-9 days before egg collection, rather than the 4-5 During both long and short protocols, you can expect a scan to collect information on how many eggs you produce, how healthy these eggs are and how easily an embryo can be implanted into the womb.

I know of so many women who have only gotten 2 or 3 eggs, ended up with one embryo, and that embryo has become a child!

Follow - 2. Once the eggs are collected, they are mixed with your partner’s or donor sperm for fertilisation. I did micro dose flare protocol, got 13 eggs, 11 mature, 7 fertilized, and 3 fair quality embryos (I’m 29). I have done both. But I can’t help but worry about it. I don't know if there's a lot we can do to improve egg quality, but I still think a lot has to do with the type of protocol used. Joined: Dec 28, 2009 Messages: 4,331 Likes Received: 0. …

The medications used for this are GnRH antagonists like Antagon, Ganirelix, and Orgalutran.

When deciding which IVF treatment is best for you, at some point you will need to consider short protocol IVF against long protocol IVF. In order for us to personalise your IVF treatment plan - designed to give you you the best possible chance of success - then please book an initial consultation with one of our experienced IVF consultants.Long protocol IVF, otherwise known as conventional IVF, has a much longer duration (4-6 weeks) which includes a period of down regulation and daily stimulating injections before egg collection.

When my RE recommended changing protocols I was scared to death because I'd always responded well on the short antagonist, and I was afraid that a new protocol … The key advantages of short protocol IVF are: It focuses on eggs that only need gentle help to mature, meaning they will be high quality. about the dangers of Conventional IVF: ‘We urgently need to take some radical action to reduce the risks faced by women undergoing IVF and their unborn babies.

All contents copyright © BabyCenter, L.L.C. This protocol may be used in younger patients or in patients who have poor embryo quality from other protocols.
Any suggestions are much appreciated(: Answer Question. The micro dose flare protocol is generally regarded as the most aggressive of all protocols to stimulate lots of eggs, but doesn’t always have the best effect on quality. You may be instructed to use birth control pills before you start an IVF cycle. I had a m/c with long lupron protocol… The embryos that didn’t make it arrested pretty early on.